It’s Official. Your Dog Loves You As Much As You Love Them!


 Dogs reciprocate their human’s love in equal measure, researchers confirmed in a study that looked inside the brains of pooches using imaging technology. The study also confirmed that dogs see their humans as their family.

Lead author of the study Attila Andics was quoted as saying by Mic. that bonding with owners is much more important for dogs than other pets. The research used neuro-imaging to study smell processing in the dog brain. Of all the smells the dogs were exposed to during the MRI, only the scent of their humans triggered activity in part of the brain known as the reward centre. Basically, dogs prioritized smells and the scent of their humans topped every other odor.

The results of this study support previous dog neuro-imaging research that proved that there are extraordinary similarities to the way canine and human brains react to emotional cues.

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