Joaquin Phoenix Outraged By China’s Sickening Dog-Leather Industry (VIDEO)

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Hollywood superstar and longtime vegan Joaquin Phoenix has condemned the brutality in China’s dog leather industry in a new video campaign by animal-rights group People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).

Phoenix spoke out against the sickening industry after being shown the upsetting undercover footage taken by PETA during a year of investigation. The disturbing footage showed workers at a slaughterhouse in China’s northeast Hebei province savagely beating dogs to death with sticks before ripping their skin and using it in the production of leather.

Introducing PETA’s appeal video, the Inherent Vice star says it was one of the worst things he has ever seen before describing in detail what happens inside Chinese factories.

‘Dogs like these are taken from China’s streets and beaten to death. Their skin is turned into leather gloves, belts and other accessories. Terrified dogs watch as those ahead of them are kicked and beaten over the head and then have their throats slit and the skin peeled right off their bodies. When their turn comes – it won’t be quick.’

China is the world’s largest leather producer and dog leather, which is easier and cheaper to produce than leather from cows or sheep, is sold all over the globe, America included.

‘If you buy leather gloves, belts or shoes, remember there no easy way to tell who’s skin your really in. If you love dogs like I do, the please never buy or wear leather, whether it comes from a dog, a cow or any other animal.’

Think very carefully before watching this video. The cruelty that you are about to see cannot be unseen.

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