Justin Bieber’s Dog Passes Away


Justin Bieber took to social media to mourn the loss of his adorable dog Sammy, a brown and white Papillon. The 20-year-old Baby hitmaker posted an emotional message on Instagram to his beloved pet.

He shared a photo of himself holding Sammy with his nearly 24 million followers. The touching picture was obviously taken a few years ago, when Justin still looked like a child and had longer hair.

”R.i.p Sammy you were the best puppy ever”

The pup lived with Justin’s grandmother and grandfather in Ontario, Canada. According to an interview from 2011 this was his only pet dog.

However, not all the pets belonging to the Bieber family were as loved as the cute Papillon. Namely, Justin bought an American bulldog named Karma as a gift to his father who abandoned the pup.

He left him with Canadian dog trainer Trevor Dvernichuk and never came to pick the pooch up.

In September, the famous dog trainer took to Facebook to express his anger regarding the abandonment of the poor dog.

”Karma is gonna bite you in your ass biebers.”

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