Lawnmower Dog Is Super Relaxed About The Whole Thing

We kicked off the week with a dog who got behind the wheel of a semi and drove it into someone’s car. We’ll wrap it up with a somewhat less ambitious, but equally as hilarious motorized dog, this time in charge of a lawnmower.


It’s one of those perfect, unstaged vids that starts totally randomly, with a local TV crew surveying the aftermath of recent tornadoes.


We don’t joke about tornadoes.

The anchor apparently sees something as she makes a huge fuss, telling the camera dude to zoom in on this something. The guy points the camera towards it and then we wait for it to focus…


And there it is. That unimaginably cool dog sitting at the wheel of a lawnmower and looking straight into the camera. Just when you think you are in the presence of the coolest canine ever, it just looks away, as if to say, “That’s it. I got stuff to do”.


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