Maltese Dogs Are The Kings And Queens Of The Canine World

Although the Maltese was developed in Italy, the breed received their name in Malta where they were first recognized.

These dogs were the favorites of royalty all around the globe and they are still considered the aristocrats of the dog world.

The Maltese is vigorous, playful and loyal to their human family. They are gentle and gracious dogs who are eager to learn and love spending time with kids and other animals.

1. This one who knows she is the center of your universe

2. This one who claims the remote controls

3. This one who has her own castle

4. This one who rules his own kingdom

5. This one who wants to cuddle all day long

6. This one who doesn’t like losing

7. This one who wants to be a Disney princess

8. This one who knows everything and more

9. This one who doesn’t understand why she can’t come with you

10. This one who wants to sleep all day

11. This one who knows how to party with style

12. This one who likes living on the edge

13. These two who always knows what they want

14. This one who infinitely trusts her humans

15. And this one who loves you more than you can imagine

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