Man Who Brutally Killed Four Dogs Will Serve Up To 28 Years In Prison


We often hear about terrifying animal abuse cases and after initially feeling shocked and saddened, we can’t help but wonder what is wrong with our society when all these sociopaths somehow get away with animal cruelty.

Today, we have decided to talk about something much darker than our readers are used to and spread the word about a horrifying case that showed us that there is some hope that animal abusers will have to pay for their crimes. It all began last year when 25-year-old Jason Brown from Nevada was arrested after the police discovered a dismembered dog inside his motel room. They quickly found four severed dog heads inside Brown’s motel fridge.

As it turns out, the cold-blooded murderer (is there really any other way to call him?) had contacted people who were giving away dogs and puppies for free on Craigslist, assuring them that he would find forever homes for them. Those people later testified that he “seemed like a normal clean-cut kid,” AP reports.

To make things worse, Brown filmed everything he had done to the poor dogs. The judge and jury heard the terrified screams and cries from the dogs, as well as his voice, saying that he would ‘make a jacket out of them.’ He continued, “The little white Chihuahuas are my favorite. If I get one of those, they are coming to Jason’s house of pain.”

Brown said he was doing drugs at the time and ‘no longer had control of myself,’ but Judge Elliott Sattler was in no mood for such excuses. He said that he would never forget the images he had watched in the courtroom before delivering the maximum sentence of up to 28 years in a state prison.

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