Man’s Best Friend Has Terrible Memory


Dogs are not the only animals with bad memory. National Geographic reports that on average, a total of 25 animal species, from bees to dolphins, have a short-term memory span of just 27 seconds. Basically, these forgetful species can’t recall an event half a minute after it happened.

The study, conducted by researchers from Stockholm University, including ethology professor Johan Lind, however suggested that our canine friends have an above average short-term memory. They are likely to completely forget about something within two minutes. Sorry to break it to you, but that means that your dog has no idea what the two of you did yesterday.

According to National Geographic, Johan Lind said that his study confirmed that animals, including dogs, have no long-term memory of arbitrary events. On the other hand, they may have specialized memory systems which enable them to remember information that is crucial to their survival, such as the location of food or how to avoid dangerous situations, Lind explained to the Huffington Post.

“You can remember the name of a subway station, where you put you mobile phone or if your daughter laughed at your joke during breakfast. In contrast, when non-human animals remember something for a long time, it is probably only possible for biologically relevant stimuli so that the event taps into a specialized memory; like the location of food for a caching animal… or perhaps the sound or looks of your offspring.”


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