Meet Lila The Cocker Spaniel Who Survived Charlie Hebdo Massacre

Charlie Hebdo’s office dog Lila witnessed and survived the harrowing terrorist attack which claimed the lives of 12 people, including her favorite human, cartoonist Kean Cabut. A survivor of the brutal shooting, crime reporter Sigolène Vinson, told France’s Le Monde newspaper that the sound of Lila’s paws helped her get through the horrible event. The poor dog sadly went from one body to another in the office, looking for survivors.

“As I lay there, not sure if they were really gone, shots rang out in the distance, in the street. And then I heard Lila with her tiny steps.”

In Wednesday’s sold-out edition of Charlie Hebdo magazine, Vinson dedicated a few touching lines to the brave pooch.

“At Charlie Hebdo, we have a dog, a red Cocker Spaniel who signals to us that it’s OK, that we can get up now, that (the terrorists) have gone.”

Apart from being immortalized in the ode, Lila has become the official mascot of the satirical magazine and is helping the surviving staff members overcome their grief.

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