Meet The Dog Who’s Allergic To Humans


Adam is a black lab that suffers from a strange and rare condition – he is allergic to people.

When the dog arrived at the Lucky Dog Retreat Rescue in Indianapolis, Indiana, no one knew what was wrong with him.  Robin Herman, who runs the rescue, explained that they eventually took him for a blood test.  And, the results surprised everyone.

‘’I laughed. I thought the vet was kidding. The vet said she wasn’t, and I laughed again. Then she explained that just like people can be allergic to dog dander, dogs can be allergic to human dander. She was surprised too. She’d never seen it before.’’

If all goes well, Herman hopes he will be able to live with a new family soon.

‘’The vet seems to think we can fix him. They put a serum together just like with kids’ allergies, and he starts on allergy shots this week. As long as he wants to keep going at it, we’ll keep going at it with him. He’s just too sweet and funny…He’s a special little dog.’’

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