Meet The Most Unusual Presidential Dog


Three weeks ago, Uruguay’s beloved president Jose Mujica stepped down from his post after five years of service. In addition to living on his farm and driving an outdated Volkswagen Beetle, Mujica has also been praised for donating 90 percent of his salary to charity.

Apart from becoming internationally famous as the world’s ‘poorest president’, Mujica is well-known for his love of dogs. In fact, he is the proud owner of a three-legged Chihuahua named Manuela.

Mujica’s darling pooch is 18-years-old and lives with him in his modest, three-room house. However, she’s not your typical dog – Manuela is something of a celebrity in Uruguay. The adorable dog even has her own Twitter account.

Manuela lost a leg when Mujica accidentally ran over her with a tractor and the duo have been inseparable ever since. She is nothing like other presidential dogs, but Mujica loves her more than anything in the world. The popular politician has said on numerous occasions that he feels rich, and that his most valuable ‘possessions’ are his dog and his car.

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