Meet The “Stone-Dog” Who Made A Miraculous Recovery


This heartwarming story began when a dog in poor health was spotted on the outskirts of Athens, Greece in April 2015. The woman who took a photo of this strange-looking dog and posted it on Facebook noticed that the unfortunate pooch’s coat condition was so severe that it looked like stone instead of fur. It was not long after she saw the dog that the kind people from the ‘Save a Greek Stray’ organization came to the rescue.

The ill-fated animal was weak, neglected and malnourished, with her coat crusted and full of scabs due to an extreme condition of mange – an infectious skin disease caused by parasitic mites resulting in itching, the formation of papules and loss of hair. The canine was frightened and appeared like she had never interacted with humans before. Petra (the Greek word for stone is ‘petras’), as they named her when she was brought to the shelter in the Greek town of Oropos, had been a stray all her life and was extremely frightened of humans. She would let no one near her, terrified to death at the idea of allowing people to come near her or touch her. The organization, however, refused to give up on her and she was soon captured.

Petra was in such poor condition that she had to be treated for numerous afflictions and diseases. Nonetheless, when Valia Orfanidou saw her, it was love at first sight. With time, the pooch started recovering physically. Sadly, she was still scared of humans and didn’t want to interact with anyone, hiding in her cage all the time.

Valia was determined to help her. When she tried to pet her for the first time, Petra ran to her cage and went to the bathroom out of fear. Things started improving over time, as Petra became a little bolder every week, leaving her cage occasionally and allowing Valia to touch her.

Nowadays, Petra is a completely different dog. She plays with both humans and other dogs and has no health problems whatsoever. The pooch is still waiting for her forever home and is looking forward to spending the rest of her life with humans.

Check out Petra’s transformation here:

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