Mirror, Mirror On The Wall, Who’s The Saddest Chihuahua Of Them All?

Whenever you’re having a bad day, think about Bug the Chihuahua. Her day is worse.

1. ‘Oh no, not another day.’

2. ‘They scratched my belly, so I had to smile. But I didn’t want to smile.’

3. ‘I hate scrambled eggs.’

4. ‘Yeah, I’m supper excited to spend time in some dead, old leaves.’

5. ‘Festive spirit? Oh, no, you aren’t fooling me again.’

6. ‘Wait, I need to move because you need the pillow? Life’s just not fair.’

7. ‘I can’t even get a good night’s sleep…’

8. ‘Whoa, sun, why are you so mean to me?’

9. ‘I even got a gift today…’

10. ‘Yup, this life just had to happen to me.’

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