Mother Dog Adopts Rejected Baby Lion


Animal adoptions always melt our hearts, but this story takes the cake. A lioness gave birth to three cubs in Terfihiyye Zoo in Gaza City, and rejected all her babies immediately. Unfortunately, two of the three cubs passed away, but the third one refused to go without a fight.

The staff desperately wanted to help the poor baby and talked to a vet about all the available options. To their amazement, they discovered that lion’s milk is very similar to dog’s milk. The kind-hearted employees instantly found a female dog who was breastfeeding her puppies, and decided to introduce the unlikely pair.

The sweet pooch has, luckily, been more than happy to feed the cub, and love the little one as if he were her own. They are now a great duo, and you will be happy to know that the cub is thriving thanks to his new mom.

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