Nathan Is A Polka Dancing Sensation

Yesterday, during one of those “been online for far too long” moments, we came across the following vid.

It had everything: mind-melting polka accordion music, a piece of classic TV in the background, and a hairless Chinese crested called Nathan dancing to the horror tune. It even had one of those surreal laughs at the end.

Then, we realized that the dog in question, Nathan, was a familiar face and a well-know dancer.

We then remembered seeing Nathan on a few occasions in the past, every time rolling on the floor laughing.

Like in the first vid of his we ever saw – Wiggle It.

Or like back when Gangnam Style was a thing. Remember that?

Or like when he celebrated St. Patrick’s Day in style.

Or like when he tried teaching his moves (unsuccessfully) to his lady friend.

Two things are for sure – Nathan has the moves and there is no shortage of his dancing vids  out there. Now, that’s what we call a real Internet celebrity.

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