Nobody Will Love You Like A Saint Bernard!

Originally bred for rescue, Saint Bernards come from the Italian and Swiss Alps. This gentle dog breed became famous thanks to the tales of their alpine rescues and their gigantic size.

The Saint Bernard is a darling, tolerant and loyal dog who is eager to please their humans and easy to train. They are amazing with kids and friendly towards other animals. Since they are enormous dogs, Saint Bernards need to be properly trained and socialized while they are young and small.

They are excellent watchdogs, have a highly developed sense of smell and can predict storms and avalanches. Since they originated in a cold climate, they don’t do well in warm weather.

1. Saint Bernards will be your bravest sidekicks

2. They will always support you

3. Understand your deepest thoughts

4. They will follow you anywhere

5. And back you up anytime

6. They will be your shoulder to lean on

7. And partner in crime

8. They will protect you with their life

9. Saint Bernards will be your bestest friends

10. And they will look forward to your future together

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