Over 500 Awesome Corgis Get Together For Best Beach Day Ever (PHOTOS)

One of the most adorable events of the year took place on a Southern California beach this Saturday, and it included more than 500 corgis. To be precise, a whopping 634 corgis from all around the country showed up at the annual SoCal Corgi Beach Day to play in the sand, boast their skills and looks, and pose for Instagram photos, of course.

Here are some of the event’s highlights:

This is what corgi heaven must look like.

Happiness. Happiness everywhere!

The best part? Hanging out with pawesome friends!

And chilling in the sun.

Not to mention all those handsome corgis!

Almost all of them wanted to go for a swim.

Some tried hitting the water for the first time ever.

Others were naturals.

Believe it or not, one courageous corgi even went surfing.

Superheroes also showed up at the beach.

There was even a corgi shark!

And a kissing booth!

It was definitely a great day for corgis!

And an even better one for corgi fans!

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