Owning A Dog Aids Your Overall Health


We’re not the only ones who think that owning a dog is paramount to maintaining a stable, happy, and healthy life – just ask Associate Professor Manos Stamatakis at the University of Sydney’s Charles Perkins Centre. He is conducting research with a plan to support his claims, and he adds:

“Dogs work as a catalyst for improving physical health by encouraging their owner to walk more and be more physically active. Spending more time outdoors means there is potential to increase social interaction.”

So basically, you can improve nearly all aspects of life just by owning, loving, and taking care of your dog – the physical, the emotional, and the social aspects benefit constantly with the help of your canine friend.

Are you one of those people that simply don’t have the means to own a dog? There’s somewhat of a workaround to that, according to both Stamatakis and Sharon Sanders, founder and director of BorrowMyPooch.

They both claim that spending time with a dog, even for a small amount of time, even if it’s somebody else’s dog, can help you feel and perform better. Two hours of playing with a dog can burn a lot of calories, make you feel happier and more optimistic, and can help you meet interesting people along the way.

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