Parking Lot Brawl: Dog Vs. Robo-Dog

Do people not watch Terminator movies anymore?! No, really. It feels every other thing that comes from the world of science has to do with artificial intelligence, autonomous robots and stuff like that.


The good thing is they’re not doing a great job. They think they are, but they’re not. Just don’t tell them; they get angry.


One thing they did manage to create is some sort of a weird headless robot dog. Its name is Spot and it was made by folks from a robotics company Boston Dynamics. Spot has been quite a star recently and a few days ago, they uploaded a vid of Spot hanging out with a real dog.

As you might have expected, the dog (which has been identified as Andy Rubin’s (Android co-founder) dog Alex by some meganerds) is absolutely terrified by this metallic monstrosity and he is doing what any terrified dog would do in such a situation, circling the robo-dog and barking at it.

We’re pretty sure Alex will have some serious problems down the line because of Spot.


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