Pooch Runs Off To His Daycare

All pooch-related businesses like to say that they are happy places and that dogs like to spend time there. However, Happy Dog, a local dog café and boutique from Belmont, North Carolina can proudly display their logo.

Namely, they were featured in news last week when one of their “customers”, a golden retriever called Riley ran away from home to visit his favorite daycare and spend some time with his pooch buddies.

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Pictured here – Riley’s buddies.

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Pictured here – The four-legged dude himself.

The story took place about 10 days ago when Riley and his human friends drove past his occasional daycare on their way home. His buddies were outside, enjoying themselves and having something of a doggy block party.

We imagine it was something like this.

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When his humans told him he wasn’t going to join them, he didn’t seem to mind it. However, once they were home, Riley just waited for the chance to run off and see his buddies. His owner left him in the backyard and told his kids (owner’s, not Riley’s) to keep an eye on him.

After a bit of deliberation…


Riley’s big escape began.

He opened the gate himself and took a stroll down to the Happy Dog daycare. He waited in front of the daycare until one of the staff opened the door. Riley burst inside and went straight to his buddies.


Pictured here – a random pup running.

The daycare folks soon realized he came over by himself and called up his owners, suggesting Riley stays the day, free of charge.

Endorsements do not get much cooler than this.

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