Puppy Becomes Best Friends With Cheetah Cub


When keepers at the Metro Richmond Zoo found out that Kumbali’s mom wasn’t producing enough milk for her three cubs, they decided to raise the cub themselves. The only problem was that, seeing as cheetahs are incredibly social animals, Kumbali needed a companion, and not of the human kind.

Keeping in mind that dogs have been used for this purpose for more than three decades, the zoo contacted several shelters and rescues and asked them whether they would give them a puppy. To their surprise, almost everyone turned them down. Luckily, The Art of Paws was not only willing to listen to their idea, but they also gave the zoo an adorable lab mix named Kago.

The moment they were introduced to each other, Kumbali and Kago became friends. They are now more than just playmates, they are like brothers. You can watch a short video about them here:

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