Purin The Beagle Breaks Another Guinness Record

To be perfectly honest, we don’t think that much of the Guinness Book of World Records.


Sure it’s interesting to kids younger than 8 and it used to be a great way to kill time in case you got jaundice or something back in the day.


But, at one point, the internet pretty much turned into a haven for weirdos, and one was no longer fascinated by Guinness’ records such as the latest Kazakh who managed to lift a gazillion pounds with his eyelids or something like that.


Nicholas Cage could probably break that record.

That being said, we cannot resist a dog that breaks a Guinness record, especially if he is as cute and as skilled as Purin, a beagle from Japan and the new“fastest dog on a ball over 10 meters”.

In case you are one of those Guinness nutters or if you simply like vids of cute dogs doing cute stuff, you may remember Purin from some time ago when he broke the record for the largest number of balls caught with his paws.

Little dude is versatile.

As is Nicholas Cage.


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