Sam Simon’s Dog Is Heartbroken Following His Death


Before he lost his battle with cancer, The Simpsons co-creator and producer decided to leave his fortune to several charities he supported. Since he was an animal enthusiast, Simon pledged to give much of his money to animal groups that would continue to help those in need.

Sadly, he also left his beloved 3-year-old dog Columbo behind him who is heartbroken following his owner’s death. But Simon did his best to find a loving home to Columbo. Shortly after he was diagnosed, the mastermind behind The Simpsons asked his good friend and dog trainer Tyson Kilmer to take in his dog and take care of him.

Kilmer told TMZ that Columbo is adjusting well, but really misses his owner. The transition from one home to the other was gradual since the dog already spent time at Tyson’s home so the permanent move wouldn’t be too stressful. To make it easier for the dog, Kilmer gave Columbo one of Simon’s favorite sweatshirts and the poor pooch snuggles up with it before going to sleep.

Hang in there, big guy!

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