Schnauzers Wish You A Scary Halloween


These adorable schnauzers are all dressed up and can’t wait to go trick-or-treating. 

1. This unbelievably cute lil Drac. But don’t worry, he isn’t after your blood, he just wants some delicious doggy treats.

2. This tiny monster who is surrounded by other monsters and needs to feed them all

3. This angry little butterfly who is really hungry

4.This bumble bee who can’t wait to collect all the treats

5.  This delicious hot dog who hopes you won’t eat him up before he gets his candy

6. This handsome sailor who hopes all the ladies will give him their treats

7.   This brave superhero who wants his tasty reward

8. Aaaand, he’s not alone

9.  This enlightened bishop who’ll keep all your secrets.  If you give him treats.

10. This sweetheart who knows how to fly a broom. Just give her the candy and she won’t turn you into a frog.

11. This bold hero who will even save your cat.  In exchange for sweets.

12. This childhood friend who really loves his treats

13. This frightening creature who left the sea to celebrate Halloween.  And eat tons of treats.

 14. This terrifying being who came back from the past, but only wants doggy treats

15.  This spine-chilling ghost who wishes you a scary, scary Halloween.

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