Science Finally Explains Why Dogs Tilt Their Heads


Even though dogs don’t speak human languages, most owners would agree that they can perfectly understand their pets. When we want to figure out what dogs are telling us, we usually interpret their body language and behavior.

As far as head tilting is concerned, dog lovers believe that it means their pooch is confused or paying close attention to something we are doing. We all know this, but we’ve wondered for a long time why they tilt their cute little heads to the side whenever we are talking to them.

Science has apparently solved this dilemma and the conclusion is that dogs tilt their heads because they care about their humans. It seems that dogs understand us more than we think and they really want us to know that they are listening to us and that they empathize with our words. Dr. Stanley Coren explained that this basically implies that they are tilting their heads in order to read our facial expressions, hear us better and understand our emotions.

It’s not like we didn’t know this, but dogs really are the best!

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