Science Proves Dogs Are Dumber Because Of Us


According to a recent study, the domestication of dogs and their relationships with humans have made them less intelligent.

Of course, we all know that dogs are incredibly smart animals. They can learn tricks, understand emotions and respond to verbal commands. However, it seems that the relationship that dogs have with people, after tens of thousands of years of domestication, might have made them less mentally independent.

When compared to their relatives, wolves, there was a clear distinction in the way the animals responded to tests in this study. The wolf would be more independent and try to figure it out on its own, while the dog would more likely than not look to the human for guidance in solving the problem.

The wolves and dogs were given the Kobayashi Maru test – a box full of food that can’t be opened.

And while the wolves tried their best to get it open, the dogs simply gave up and looked to their human masters for assistance.

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