Scientists Say Wolves Are More Tolerant Than Dogs

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It seems that wolves are inherently more tolerant than dogs, according to a new study that helps explain why wolves cooperate to such an extent with each other.

The findings, published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B, show that domesticated logs are less social and tolerant in comparison to their wolf relatives. However, dogs are better pets probably because they lost the fear of humans and accepted us as social partners.

Here’s what lead author Friederike Range told Discovery News:

“Wolves cooperate more (than dogs do) in terms of breeding, defending territories and probably hunting. Dogs are scavengers.”

The researchers came to the conclusion that wolf packs are more of a democracy, where anyone had a chance to get their share of the food. On the other hand, behavior such as growling wasn’t tolerated among the lower-ranking dogs.

Range said:

“This means that in the wolves, the higher-ranking partners were more tolerant of the lower-ranking ones. In the dogs, the lower-ranking ones did not dare to challenge the higher-ranking partners.”

Of course, just because wolves are tolerant pack maters doesn’t mean that they should be anyone’s pets.

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