Shoep’s Heart-Warming Story


John Unger saved an 8-month-old puppy from an abusive situation and taught him to love and trust again. As years passed, Shoep and John became closest friends and shared everything and anything.

Sadly, Shoep became older, weaker and suffered from arthritis. Although he was 19-years-old, John didn’t give up on his best friend. He took him into the cold waters of Lake Superior every single night to relieve his pains.

And, no one would have known about their heart-warming story if it hadn’t been for the amazing photographer Hannah Stonehouse Hudson who captured one of those intimate moments and shared them with the world.

The wonderful photograph went viral and touched the hearts of many good people who donated money for Shoep’s treatment. Thanks to those kind humans, Shoep and John had one more year together.

Although he died, Shoep had an amazing life and he and John definitely redefined unconditional friendship.

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