13 Fun Ways To Exercise Your Dog


Some dogs need more exercise due to their energetic nature, and some need less, but there’s no doubt that if you want a happy, healthy dog, you have to make sure he gets plenty of physical activity. In addition to keeping your dog fit and healthy, exercise tires him before bedtime, which is always a plus, and it gives you an opportunity to spend some quality time with him.

Simply walking your dog sometimes doesn’t do it so owners have to make up creative ways to make sure their dog gets enough exercise.

1. Let Your Dog Walk You

This exercise only works if your dog has already been trained not to pull on the leash and to walk right next to you, letting you lead.

If it’s the other way around, the exercise will not only be pointless but also counterproductive – your dog will start to think that he’s finally in charge of the walks and that you’ve given up. This exercise is fun because you let your dog follow his sense of smell, leading you places you’d normally never go, which can be fun and exciting.

You may even end up with new walking trails. The dog will be happy he’s allowed to explore the scents freely and he’ll enjoy the facts there are no limitations in his walks. One downsize of this game is that the walks may last longer than usual, but at least he’ll be getting more exercise.

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