Soldier Finds His Abandoned Army Dog After 4 Years Of Searching


After four years of hopelessly searching for his teammate, U.S. Army Specialist Tyler Roberts has finally found Donna, a 6-year-old Belgian Malinois and has no intention of ever leaving her side.

The two friends spent every single day together while serving in Afghanistan in 2011 – Donna is a retired Tactical Explosive Detective Dog (TEDD), which means that she used to sniff out bombs. Roberts and she discovered hundreds of explosive devices during their Southern Afghanistan tour and consequently saved hundreds of innocent lives.

When they were sent home, Roberts and his faithful pooch were separated and the brave soldier has spent years trying to locate her whereabouts and adopt her. Donna, on the other hand, was adopted along with 10 other dogs, but the unlicensed private contracting company that needed their services decided they no longer want the retired pooches and abandoned them.

After going from one organization to the other, Donna was finally reunited with Roberts Wednesday night. Roberts said he couldn’t be happier to see her again and added that he is looking forward to the future with her.

To quote him:

“I owe her my life and I intend to spoil her for the remainder of hers.”

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