St. Bernards Help Those In Need…Of Charging Their Phone


Mophie, a tech company that makes the battery-life extending juice packs, has teamed up with the St. Bernard Rescue Fondation to help people in dire need: the attendees of this year’s South by Southwest festival in Austin who can’t imagine life without their mobile phones.

If you are in distress, all you have to do is tweet a screenshot of your dying battery and your current location on Friday and Saturday to @mophie with the hashtag #mophierescue, and they will send an awesome St. Bernard with a human handler to charge you up.

Olive Ashwell, the St. Bernard foundation’s marketing manager, agreed with Ross Howe, mophie VP of Marketing that the idea is that Mophie and the dogs save the people of SXSW, while the people save the St. Bernards in return.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Mophie to help raise awareness and hopefully find safe and loving homes for these dogs. There’s a shared sense of passion between both our organizations as this amazing partnership launches at SXSW.”

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