Stray Dog Follows Extreme Sports Team Through The Amazon


In a wonderful story that has touched the hearts of people worldwide, a stray dog met his best friend in the Amazon rain forest and became so attached to him that he followed him and his team throughout a grueling 430-mile adventure competition.

The pooch, later named Arthur, stumbled upon a team of Swedish athletes in Ecuador while they were sharing a meal.  One athlete, Mikael Lindnord, took pity on the scruffy dog and fed him a meatball.  And that’s how their friendship began.

Arthur started following the Swedes and refused to leave them or be left behind.  Simply, the pooch became a team member and managed to overcome numerous obstacles.  For instance, when the team had to use kayaks, Arthur swam alongside them.

Here’s how the team described that particular moment:

The organization gave the advice not to bring dog Arthur out on the last leg — a dog in the kayak didn’t seem like a great idea — and the team was going to follow this advice.

Mike, Simon, Staffan and Karen put their kayaks down in the water and set off, but Arthur refused to be left and started swimming. This was too heartbreaking for the team, and Mikael helped Arthur up in the kayak. This led to standing ovations from everyone on the shore, seeing the five (!) team mates set off.

After all they’ve been through, Lindnord decided to adopt the dog and bring him home to Sweden.

Arthur is in the dog quarantine in Stockholm, where he has to be for 120 days before he can go home to Örnsköldsvik, where he will live with the Lindnord family. A team member visited him today and there will be more visits during these months — but Arthur also has to be given time to relax and adapt to his new settings!

And that’s not all.  These amazing guys have also established the Arthur Foundation in order to help stray dogs.

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