Study Reveals Dogs May Prevent Asthma In Kids


According to a Swedish study, young kids who grow up next to a pet dog are less likely to develop asthma later in life.

It seems that children who had a dog in their household in their first year of life were connected to a 13 percent lower risk of asthma, which is not a small figure when you keep in mind that 650,000 children participated in the research.

The results, which were published in JAMA Pediatrics, are in accordance with the notion that pets can boost our immune system and keep us safe from all sorts of illnesses.

These are, without a doubt, great news, but more research still needs to be done.

Moreover, the Swedish researchers pointed out that kids who are allergic to dogs shouldn’t be exposed to dogs on a regular basis. As some of you might know, dogs are a common cause of allergy and many asthmatic children are also allergic to man’s best friend.

If the Swedes are right, however, exposing babies to dogs (and dog dander, the main culprit for dog allergies) could be extremely beneficial to human health.

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