The End Of An Era: Queen Elizabeth Says Farewell To Her Beloved Corgis


Queen Elizabeth II has owned more than 30 Corgis throughout her life and reign, but now the 88-year-old monarch is reportedly worried about her health and will not adopt any more dogs.

She is concerned that young, active dogs could be a tripping hazard. Although the famous monarch is still active, attending events, riding horses and going for long walks, Queen Elizabeth is aware that any injury at her age would seriously hamper her ability to reign. A senior courtier confirmed that there will be no more Corgis in Buckingham Palace when the Queen’s last two dogs are gone.

“Her main fear is that if she fell and broke her arm or even a leg she would not be able to perform her duties for many weeks if not months, and that would upset her greatly.”

Queen Elizabeth’s last remaining Corgis, Willow and Holly, are older dogs whose slow speed matches her own. Even though she has decided not to own any more dogs, Willow and Holly will remain by her side for as long as they both shall live.

Sadly, when they die, Buckingham Palace will be Corgi-free for the first time since King George brought a Pembroke Corgi home from a local kennel way back in 1933.

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