The Heartbreaking Story Of The Saddest Dog Ever


Although they are sweet and lovable companions, dogs require a certain level of commitment that not everyone is capable of providing. This is probably the reason so many pooches are returned to animal shelters each and every year.

To prevent even more dogs from experiencing heartbreak, animal rescue Mighty Mutts shared the tear-jerking story of the dog they dubbed ‘the world’s saddest dog.’ Lana was adopted when she was just a pup, but the family that took her in ultimately decided she was not the right dog for them. They returned her to the shelter and said that they had to put their children first. Mighty Mutts employee Dahlia Ayoub told The Dodo that Lana was so broken-hearted that she refused to eat or even get out from her bed. To quote her:

She just shut down. It’s almost like her world shut down.

Dahlia, who took care of Lana when she was a puppy, was there for the poor pooch all the time and she slowly recovered. Lana has since been fostered, but the rescue are hoping to find her a forever home in an adult-only household.



Our sweet Lana has been returned. We rescued Lana…

Posted by Mighty Mutts on Saturday, October 24, 2015

We would like to thank everyone who has offered support to help Lana find her furever home! We are happy to announce…

Posted by Mighty Mutts on Friday, October 30, 2015

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