These Are The Real Costs Of Owning A Dog


First of all, we know that nothing compares to sharing your life with a four-legged friend, but every responsible owner knows that having a dog is not all fun and games. Sure, you will love each other to the moon and back, but love alone is not enough to keep your pet alive and well.

Each year, thousands of owners leave their dogs at shelters because they were not aware that there is more to being an owner than just cuddling with your pooch and taking them for walks.

Before you bring a dog home, there are some things you need to consider, including all the costs that go along with dog ownership.

Prior to adopting your new best buddy, you will have to pay an adoption fee that ranges from $50 to $400. If you, however, decide you want to go with a breeder, be prepared to pay between $500 and $3,000.

Now that you have your very own dog, you have to spay or neuter them and vaccinate them, all of which costs somewhere between $200 and $300.

If you think you need a crate and baby gates, you’ll need to spend an additional $50 to $180. The food and water bowls cost around $15 whereas the collar, tags and leash are around $40.

Those of you who want to invest in training classes will have to pay another $100.

As far as the recurring costs are concerned, food costs approximately $30 per month, toys and treats are around $100 per year and vet visits are about $250 a year.

Mind you, we haven’t taken into consideration babysitting and boarding ($20-$60 per night), grooming ($100-$400), dog walkers (around $15 per walk) and special dietary needs that vary from dog to dog.

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