These Cuties Know What They Want And How to Get It

Even these angels have a devilish side.

1. When you’ve done something terribly wrong, but don’t want to face the consequences.

2. The look on your face when you want to avoid  housework.

3. ‘Can you do it, please? Pleeaaase?’

4. When you shouldn’t try the cake, but you really want to.

5. The moment you realize things aren’t going as you planned.

6. When you don’t want to move, but have to make someone bring you food.

7. ‘No more treats? Why would you do that to me?’

8. ‘I’ll just wait here and be all cute until you change your mind!’

9, When you shouldn’t buy new clothes, but…hey, new clothes.

10. ‘I just know I’m always right.  Well, aren’t I?”

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