These Dogs Can’t Wait For Thanksgiving Dinner!

Well, who can blame them?

1. When your mom and dad should know that you’re really hungry.

2. The feeling when dinner is being prepared, but you aren’t allowed to try it.


3. When you start waiting for your guest to arrive (at two)…

4. …And they are supposed to turn up at seven.

5. When you desperately want to eat that delicious main dish…

6. …And you won’t move until you have a bite.

7. When mom says she has a surprise for you…

8. …And you’re like, what is this? Where’s the juicy steak?

9. When you realize you aren’t getting any dessert before the guests try it.

10. When you hear the doorbell and the only thing that matters is the food you’re about to devour.

11. Have an amazing Thanksgiving!

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