These People Think Dogs Can Be Terrorists

Don’t get us wrong, we’re as much against ISIS and the likes as any other person, only we are not afraid to see the funny side to democracy’s battle against terrorism.


Like for instance when a dog named Dash got its owner in a heap of trouble. Well, not exactly a heap of trouble, but you gotta exaggerate a bit. You know, for the sake of the article.


The name did block its owner’s payment to the dogwalker and it got the payment flagged with the U.S. Treasury Department. Moreover, Dash’s owner had to explain the “Dash” added to the memo line to the Office of Foreign Assets Control.

But why?


Well, because Dash is too similar to Daesh (Daesh being another name for ISIS). At least according to the people at Chase Bank.

This is the couple in question.

Dash’s owner said he didn’t mind the bank’s fervor and that he understood their decision.

What a nice guy.

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