This Dogpig Will Make Your Day

Back in the 1990s, there was a movie called Babe where a cute little pig from the English countryside got it in his head that he was a sheepdog and won some sort of a sheepdog competition in the end.


He was just the sweetest.

Well, today, we have a girl pig who thinks she’s a dog.

Her name is Olive and she is part of a pack that also boasts a British bulldog, a French bulldog and a Boston terrier.

Their humans, Alissa and Nick live on a farm in Sydney, but they are world-famous for this weird little family.

According to Alissa, Olive is literally one of the pack, racing and barking when there’s something to run and bark at.

The photos from this incredible farm are simply impossibly cute and we dare you to stop looking at them.

They are especially happy to be welcoming another addition to the family.

That’s love.

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