This Is How The Men And Women Of Austria’s Postal Service Became BFFs With Dogs


In 2014 alone, around 50 Austrian postmen and women were attacked and bitten by dogs while on duty, and the country’s post service has finally found a brilliant way to make peace between their employees and man’s best friend.

In order to reestablish friendly relations, a pet shop has started supplying postmen and women with dog treats to help prevent further attacks on their delivery rounds. Salzburg dog trainer Johanna Thurnes said that dogs often see postmen as the enemy, but concluded that treats could certainly help the situation.

Here’s what a spokesman for Austrian Post AG, Kurt Obermann, said:

“Our postmen and women often have to approach strange houses to do their jobs, and of course most dogs are wired to defend their territory. We want to protect our employees against any run-ins with dogs.”

Postwoman Maria Stocker, from Salzburg, told the ORF website that she always carries dog biscuits when she’s working, and as a result has become extremely popular with her furry clients.

“I’m now known as the ‘treat lady’ – and the dogs are always well behaved – even though they used to see me as a threat. Now they know that I’m a friend and not an intruder.”

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