This Is Teddy – A Dog With A Purpose


Sometimes your true calling finds you when you’re least expecting it, and it’s often the kind you never hoped for. This is certainly true for Teddy, a Great Pyrenees, who is, by his nature, a guardian dog.

Great Pyrenees first came from Asia Minor, where they were known for at least 10,000 years. From there, they moved to the Pyrenees region, which occupies northern Spain and portions of southern France.

Even though these dogs were originally guardian dogs, used to protect livestock, like sheep and cattle, from predators, they were also very popular court dogs, especially in the 17th century France.

As for Teddy, he was adopted from Texas and he was a rescue. Judging from his state, he had a tough life. Apparently, he was forced to stay in a crate most of the time and his bottom front teeth were destroyed by trying to set himself free from that crate.

Then his luck changed – he was adopted by a rescue group that took good care of him and even found him a job – a therapy dog. The Bellaire United Methodist Church runs a dog therapy group so Teddy attended classes and learned to be a therapist. Today, he works in nursing homes, schools and hospitals, bringing comfort to those in need.

Teddy is a gentle dog and he does wonders with the people he’s working with. He has found his true calling, and it doesn’t include taking care of sheep, goats, cows and geese, but people, old and young, in need.

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