This Is What Happens When A Pit Bull Meets The Tiniest Kitten Ever


Though some people believe that pit bulls are ferocious by nature, there’s nothing evil about Molly the one-year-old pit bull mix. As a matter of fact, the only words that come to mind after watching her meet a newborn kitten are sweet, affectionate and good-natured.

When her owner brought the tiny kitten home, the first thing he did was introduce her to Molly. And boy, what an introduction that was! Wagging her tail and almost jumping for joy, Molly was a bit confused at first. After all, the kitten in the video is so small that few people would know what to do with her! However, Molly managed just fine. Following a few moments of uncertainty, the adorable pit bull started kissing the kitten and taking care of the newborn as if she were her own.

This video will bring tears to your eyes!

Watch the wonderful clip here:

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