This Is Why Every University Needs A Puppy Room


As exam time approaches, students all over the world begin to feel stressed out. That’s why the University of Central Lancashire, UK decided to open its first puppy room to provide them some much-needed stress relief.

As part of their SOS (Stressed Out Students) campaign, the university hosted the one-day event on May 7th in cooperation with the charity Guide Dogs to offer worried students the chance to play with puppies and de-stress at the same time. Moreover, projects such as this one are beneficial to the future guard dogs because they are given lots of opportunities to get used to being around people.

The adorable puppy room was inspired by a Japanese study that came to the conclusion that people have better concentration when looking at picture of cute things such as puppies, kittens and babies. Oddly enough, adult dogs and cats didn’t have such a positive effect on the participants of the research.

And the cost of this brilliant project? Students were required to make a donation of at least £1 to the charity in order to enjoy some amazing puppy time.

Here’s how the puppy room looked like at Dalhousie University, Canada:

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