This Little Fighter Survived Being Hit By A Train


It doesn’t happen often that you hear incredible stories about dogs surviving a one on one with a train, but then again, you probably haven’t met Nosey.

Nosey is an extraordinary 14-year-old Chihuahua-Schnauzer who is blind, suffers from diabetes and also survived getting hit by a train. What’s so amazing about Nosey is that the pooch recovered from the horrible accident after only one week – if you saw him today, you would never guess that he was hit by a train. It all happened in Wisconsin on a Friday night when his owner Janet Sorensen called him and her other dog to come inside the house.

Nosey was nowhere to be found, and the poor woman spent hours looking for him. She received a phone call at one point and discovered what had happened to her beloved companion. Of course, she was shocked and didn’t believe Animal Control officer Howie Wiedman that the dog was injured but alive. They were soon reunited and Nosey is now as good as new.

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