This Woman Understands The World Needs More Pandas

We are all dog lovers here at DogShow, there can be absolutely no doubt about that. We would never harm a dog and we agree that dogs are, pretty much, the best things to happen to the world.


That being said, another thing this world definitely needs are pandas, as many of them as possible.



Especially since they are not really interested in getting their numbers up themselves.


Well, a lady from Singapore decided to do her share and pretty much turn her three pure-bred Chow Chows into pandas. Some people are saying she is a monster while she assures everyone the dogs are happy and the dyes used are absolutely, totally non-harmful.

Check out my new business venture:

Posted by Meng Jiang on Friday, January 29, 2016

The lady in question, Meng Jiang has started making serious money off of the dogs as people from all over the city are flocking to have pictures taken with the dogs. Looking at the videos and photos, the dogs look perfectly fine with all the love and attention.

One thing is for sure, Toudou, DouDou and Yumi are cute as, well, pandas. Not that dogs aren’t cute, of course.

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