Top 5 Thanksgiving Tips For Dog Owners


Thanksgiving is one of the happiest holidays in the States and there’s no reason why dogs shouldn’t enjoy the celebration just as much as humans. In order to celebrate the holidays in good spirits, here are 5 things every dog owners should do to make sure both they and their dogs have an excellent time:

1. Don’t Feed Your Dog Human Food

As tempting as it may be to give your pooch some Thanksgiving food, the best thing you can do for their health is to ignore their begging eyes and feed them high-quality dog food. The reason why you should avoid giving them human food is that many Thanksgiving dishes are difficult for a human to digest, let alone a dog. Consuming too many fatty foods, for example, can cause stomach problems, including constipation and diarrhea. As far as bones are concerned, you should never give them to your pooch because they can cause choking or punctures in the digestive tract. Also, a lot of human ingredients and foods are toxic to dogs, so make sure to tell your guests not to feed your pooch, no matter how hard they beg.

2. Maintain Your Dog’s Daily Routine

Just because you’re celebrating with a lot of friends doesn’t mean that your dog understands what’s happening. To help your dog relax and avoid stress, you should definitely stick to their regular routine, which means you should make the time to take them for walks and keep to their feeding schedule. Moreover, don’t forget to spend some time playing with them.

3. Tell Your Guests How To Treat Your Dog

Some of your guests may be unfamiliar with the ways of your dog and it’s your job to lay down the ground rules and tell them what to do when your dog is in the room. You should also ensure that kids are never left unattended with the dog.

4. Provide A Safe Place For Your Dog

If the party proves to be too much for your dog, they need to have a safe place where they can retreat. It would be best to have a quiet room for them and check up on them from time to time. Also, place their food and favorite toys in the room and calm them down before returning to your guests.

5. Secure Your Dog’s Collar

As some of you may know, a lot of dogs get lost during the holidays. Since you’ll be greeting your guests and opening the door frequently, your pooch might panic and escape. For that reason, before the party starts, make sure their collar with ID tags is on and secured.

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