Tschikko Is A True Canine Rags To Riches Story

Our canine star of the day used to bide his time in the Spanish countryside, living that stray dog life.


Like this, only with less J. Lo.

Then, one day, a German lady who also happens to be a photographer stumbled upon him in the aforementioned countryside.


Yes, the gif makes no sense but we just love Top Secret! too much.

In any case, Julia Marie Werner (the German photographer’s name) decided to adopt this stray mix of Shar Pei and Irish terrier and give him a new life as a canine model.

A canine model who can pull off a mean lion’s mane.

Some of these are truly epic.

He also got a new name – Tschikko. Or to use his full and super-awesome name – Tschikko Leopold Von Werner.

Like we said, totally epic.

And when he’s not being this cool Liondog, Tschikko knows how to wind down.

A cool guy, by all standards.


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