Two Dozen Dogs Escape Animal Cruelty


The Arizona Humane Society got a call from the Humane Society of the United States earlier this year about 22 Dogo Argentino dogs that were not receiving proper care. These dogs were subjected to animal cruelty in Alabama, and they are now at a Phoenix shelter, safe and sound. Cheryl Naumann of the Humane Society of the United States says claims that transporting dogs thousands of miles isn’t an everyday occurrence.

She explains:

“Arizona has an excellent reputation for being able to provide quality veterinary and behavior care for animals.”

Bretta Nelson from the Arizona Humane Society explains that upon witnessing the grievous conditions in which the dogs had been living in, as well as their state, they simply had to react. She claims the dogs were ill, emaciated, without the food, water, or veterinary care they needed and deserved.

Nine of the 22 dogs that arrived from Alabama are ready for adoption, for the price of $110. Apparently, the target adopters are “patient families” that have no problem committing to dogs and separating enough time for them.

Nelson says she hopes these dogs are given a chance, and concludes with:

“We just wanted to help them. They’ve been through so much and they deserve the best happy ending,”

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