Two Unlikely Pooch Pals Enjoy The Most Adorable Game Of Chase Ever

These two pups are an unlikely match. One of them is an Alaskan malamute and the other is a tiny dachshund (or as the video description says – a sausage dog).

Their favorite playground is a tiny hallway where the malamute can barely turn. The two are experts in turning it into the most perfect chasing venue ever.

The little one has a winning strategy, which comes down to staying behind its big pal’s fluffy butt.

The big pooch turns around, but the little dachshund is always a step ahead.

And the story goes on.

The little pooch miscalculates and is discovered.

Which makes their game of chase even more exciting.

One thing is clear – these two need no one else to have the best time in their lives.

And we love them.


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