Tyrann Mathieu Has An Important Message For All Dog Owners


Despite much pleading and numerous warnings, many dog owners still make the worst possible decision to leave their pet in the car during summer, mistakenly believing that nothing bad could happen to them. Unfortunately, what they don’t know is that the temperature can quickly reach more than 100 degrees in parked vehicles, even when the windows are left slightly open.

To show that humans, let alone dogs and cats, cannot survive the scorching heat, Arizona Cardinals’s very own Tyrann Mathieu teamed up with PETA to demonstrate what happens when someone leaves their furry friend in a hot car alone.

After only eight minutes, the NFL star was drenched in sweat and had problems breathing. Unlike Mathieu, dogs cannot sweat and they cannon open the windows or turn on the air-conditioning when the heat becomes intolerable.

Check out the PETA ad here:

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